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We offer Dating Coaching Services for people, who are planning to build a long lasting relationship with the partner.

During our coaching sessions we will explain you the theory behind the successful dating. We will give you tips of how to structure your dates correctly, so both of you will be able to get the most benefits from the date, find out more truthful information about the other person, to see who the person is, without the illusions.


1 session – 60 min session – $150

1 Month Contract – 4 sessions + 4 phone consultations(15 minutes each) –  $450

3 Month Coaching Contract Includes:
12 coaching session;
12 phone consultations (15 minutes each) – 1,200.00

Some times, before you can find the love of your life, one need to heal emotional traumas, which can keep the person from finding the partner as well as from building the long lasting relationships with the person, who otherwise could became the real life partner.

Unfortunately, emotional traumas are buried deep inside of subconscious mind, and one may not even realize how negative they interfere with the love life.

We offer emotional healing to our clients as a separate service, but using some of the techniques in our Dating Coaching Services.

If you feel that you need emotional healing, check out our


Spiritual and Emotional healing is the important part of the healthy and happy living.

We are offering you the range of healing modality, which could become a great help in the process of finding you life partner and building the long-lasting loving relationship.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION SESSIONS can help you to find the root of issues and help to heal situation in the present life.

AROMATHERAPY SESSIONS can clear your mind, help to start healing of body and mind, give you more energy, help with depression and anxiety and much much more.

As the Life and Holistic Coaching we will offer you the knowledge of other practitioner, who can help you in different aspects of life.

We offer you NOT JUST the dating coach services, but the FULL spectrum of services, that will lead you to HEALTHY AND HAPPY LIFE and will show you the road to building the long-lasting happy relationship with worthy of you partner.


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